Saturday, May 27, 2006

Chase Credit Cards - Another Loser

It seems corporate America just cannot stop outdoing each others stupidity. So I had this credit card that was once managed by CitiBank. One day I was notified that the card will now be managed by bankOne. Fair enough. Few months later the management of the card switched to Chase. That too was fine.

I have been using online statements for a while. Why waste all that paper and who the hell wants to deal with snail mail anyways.... well except for those idiots.. err, I mean Republicans. (by the way I am not a Democrat .. ). But I digress......

So all was fine with Chase until about four months. I get a notification from them saying they have a new web site. A new and improved web site....LOL What a fu*&ing joke. I log on to the new site everything seemed ok, I left.

About three months ago my computer reminded me that I must pay my credit card bills. I checked my email for my statement and found none. So I log on to my Chase site, download the statement, pay the bill. The story repeats itself for 3 more billing cycles. So I decide to call the Chase Card Support staff.

Now for the shocker. This is even better than the season finale of "Lost"... NOT!!!!! So the people at Chase tell me that when I switched from the old to the new web site there was a little check box somewhere on the screen which I needed to select in order to retain my old preferences.

WHAT? I need to magically be aware of some change that I need to make to retain a process that has worked for almost 6 years across 3 banks? Shouldn't it have been that all settings will automatically carry over unless I explicitly say NO? Who the hell is incharge of credit cards at Chase? Fire the fu$%er.

As though this is not bad enough, the idiots at Chase have no way to turn on the electronic statements. Their tech support just could not get it to work. Great job Chase. Perhaps your management needs to be outsourced to people who can actually work.

Is it just me or is the mistake they made in their favour? With people not receiving statements, I wonder how much Chase raked up in late fees? Was this a mistake or a master strategy by Chase management?

I just need to use up my points and then here is a card thats going in the trash. Bye Bye Chase.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Bank of America - Copy Cat Idiots

So you have seen my rant on CapitalOne and their never ending junk mail. In fact I am keeping a running tally of each junk mail I receive from them. See

Recently I started getting CapitalOne junk mail in this large heavy envelope. Upon opening the envelope I find another envelope. The second is what they used to mail out, with the credit card offers and all that crap. So what did CapitalOne think? That there is a higher likelyhood of me getting their piece of shit credit card because the offer is mailed in two envelopes? Or does CapitalOne management think that we ain't seen no global warming yet? Looks like the bozos at CapitalOne wish to prove that there are no bigger idiots than them.

I was about to coin the phrase "CapitalOne, whats in their head?". But alas I was stopped. The other day I get another one of these envelopes holding envelops.... As I open it and am all ready to scream profanity at CapitalOne, I find my self renderred speechless. The inner envelope belonged to Bank of America.

It seems Bank of America did not wish to be out done by CapitalOne. After all being one of the largest banks in the world implies that they must also be one of the largest idiots in the world. Silly me, I should have figured this out. Good job Bank of America.
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