Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fedex the New Idiot on the Block

Last week while looking at my credit card statement I noticed a charge from my Fedex account. I was certain I had not shipped anything so I log on to my personal Fedex account and much to my surprise I see a shipment from a Mr A to a Mr B. I clicked on the Dispute button and stated that I had no knowledge of this shipment. Today I log on to check the status of the dispute and there the duspute record is gone. So I create a new dispute and now I get a message that the dispute is credited. I log on to my credit card account and no money is credited.

So here are my questions for Fedex:
  1. How did someone manage to send a package from my account? Is all they had to do is type my account number on the airbill? What if someone ships $1,000,000 worth of packages on my account number? Who is responsible for my credit problems then? What if hackers learn about this loophole?
  2. Fedex requires that I provide them an email address when I create an account. If this is a required information, then why is it that Fedex failed to inorm me that a package was shipped?
  3. Why did Fedex fail to communicate with me when I initiated a dispute?
  4. Why does FedEx say the money is credited when my credit card says no such credit exists?

It appears that Fedex stands to gain by providing lousy service which benefits them when a mistake is made. Rather convenient isn't it.

A day later

So I just got of the phone with Fedex customer support. They could answer none of the questions above. The lady said I it may take anything up to 4 to 6 weeks for my credit card account to be credited. And no, there is no way to prevent automatic billing to an account.

So, basically anyone can send a package from some address to some address as long as they have my account number and I will automatically get billed. When I raise a dispute on the shipment I may have to wait as much as 6 weeks.

Now imagine someone doing an organized attack on an organization. All you need is the account number. Then through chat rooms spread that number and next moment you have millions of dollars racked up against the victim. And FedEx respponse is, "well if the account number is yours, you will get billed automatically."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should learn how a fedex account works.

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