Monday, September 11, 2006

The Bastards at Dish Network - Once Again

So I get yet another call from Echostar/Dish Network. I told them to please stop calling and that I am on the "Do not call list." I requested to speak to the supervisor who said this must be a technical glitch.

So here is my take, if these idiots do not know how to dial a telephone number why would I trust them with satellite service?

Anyway, a little research helped me find the names of these bozos who don't believe in following the law or are mentally challenged, i.e., do not know how to make a phone call.

Charles Ergen, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Steven Schaver, President of EchoStar International Corporation
Carl Vogel, Vice Chairman of the Board
David Moskowitz, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary, Director
David Rayner, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President
James DeFranco, Executive Vice President, Director
Mark Jackson, President, EchoStar Technologies Corporation
O. Nolan Daines, Executive Vice President of Business Development

Anyone wish to post their phone numbers? :-)


Blogger tejbir said...

i take the opportunity to make the caller regret why he/she called me at the very first place!
try it - its fun
only when the boss is not around and u can spare some time

nice blog, anyways!

6:56 AM  
Blogger Gussa Waala said...

Yeah I thought about that. Even thought I should talk dirty to her. LOL. But then thats not me. :-)

9:15 PM  
Anonymous AJ said...

I have the same exact problem with Dish Network. Those A$$HOLES won't stop calling me!

I've even registered a complaint twice with the FCC (since I'm on the Do Not Call list as well) using their website and sending them emails. No response whatsoever.

Last time this guy called Rahul called and I practically told where he could shove it. Told him to get a real job. It really pisses me off that these people will do this sleazy job bothering people for a few rupees an hour.

No idea how to fix this. Its obviously "profiling" by these telemarketing companies - targeting Indian names. If they even tried calling Americans of other ethnicities at this rate they'd get slammed so bad. We Indians let them get away with it, which is probably why we are getting targeted.

5:39 PM  

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