Sunday, July 16, 2006

Experion the new Deceiver. Watch out consumers

Everyone knows how dangerous these credit agencies are. You dont? Well here is a little brief. They have all your financial information. They collect this information so that they can provide feedback to anyone who is interested in knowing how stable your financial situation is, i.e., your credit rating. I can understand the need for such a business. Fair enough......

But Experion and its likes now sell all the information they have on you to others. Do you get anything for it? Nope, well maybe I stand corrected, you get JUNK MAIL. Your identity is at risk, because they can sell your information to people who have no good intentions. And no Experion and its likes do not check who they sell your information to. If you have been reading teh news you will see that the credit agencies like Experion have sold your information or lost it to people with mal intent.

So, if you wish to stop this onslaught of junk mail you can opt out of the prescreened mail by calling1.888.567.8688 or by going to

And that is exactly what I did. And voila I stopped getting getting all those pre approved credit card junk mail offers from CapitalOne and othe rcredit card companies.

But wait!!!!! just today I get junk mail from an insurance company. At least they had teh decency to say that if I wish to stop the junk mail I should contact Experion or call 1.888.567.8688 or by go to to stop insurance policy offers.

WTF? I thought optout meant optout. What the hell is this? Well it turns out our friends at Experion have founf a way to screw us yet again. If you opted out ealier it was only for credit cards. Now they are selling your information to others, such as insurance agencies and perhaps Nigerian scam artists? So you have to call them back and opt out all over again.

Hmmm, then perhaps Experion will sell your information to Al Qaeda and after the sale ask if you wish to opt out. Think about it :-)


Anonymous Lorra said...

Well, what I can I say? Sad, but true... I hate all this junk mail, it makes me so mad, especially when I am waiting for an important letter! I start thinking, here it is....but NO! At the begining of your post I was happy, thinking that I can solve this problem too, but then it turned out to be as usual...

12:28 AM  

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