Monday, August 07, 2006

How does one handle these (Money magazine) Idiots

So you have seen my rants about Money magazine. If not you can read these:

The last time I posted on this issue I mentioned that I sent an email to Money Magazine. I then proceeded to post the response from the idiots at Money Magazine. See here

In that response I was told I would be removed from their marketing list and that this would take 10 days. That response was on July 22, 2006. Today is Aug. 7, 2006, this basic math is probably beyond the capabilities of the morons working at Money Magazine, since just today I received yet another offer to renew my subscription.

Clearly this calls for another email to them. Let's see what these jackasses will say this time. I will post their reply if I get one. So I replied to their email with the following email (unnecessary text removed)

I am writing to follow up on my complaint regarding EXCESSIVE junk mail from your organization. In your response you mentioned that this will stop in 10 days. Clearly Money is incapable of getting their math right.

Please let me know as to what steps I need to take to have your department stop sending me unnecessary renewal notices.

A log of this is being maintained at

Thank you

Will Money magazine provide proper customer service or send their blood thristy lawyers? We shall find out :-)


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