Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Capital One, The Rainforest Killer

Well let me start by saying I have no proof that Capital One is responsible for the destruction of rainforests in the Amazon, but it sure does feel like it. Why? you may ask. Well I get at minimum 2 but as much as 4 or 5 pieces of junk mail each week to sign up for their credit cards. Do these idiots at Capital One actually think I will sign up if they flood me with junk mail. At least the junk email I get for penile enlargment and viagra has some value (not that I need either). What the fuck does Capital One give me? Yo!!! Capital One marketing idiots... any answer? I didn't think so. Thats cause they are the ones that need the penile enlargement.... LOL

I checked my credit report from all three agencies and not to my surprise, the most frequent source of queries on my credit is Capital One. Well I know if I get a poor credit score I have Capital One to file a law suit against. May I should hack around and get personal information on Capital One's management and post it here for the world to see and perhaps call them and send them mail. Now wouldn't that be fun....... Or even better, post pictures of Capital One management with their little weenies responding to the penile enlargement emails.... LOL

Unfortunately or fortunately for the Capital One bastards, I am too busy to chase them. But if I get the time, beware!!!! Your personal life will be posted here. As a great American character Rambo once said "you drew first blood"....

LOL, I think this is getting rather too dramatic. Have a good night all, time for me to go back to the rut of life, shredding the shit Capital One sends me.

OK so now I am writing a few weeks later and am going nuts with CapitalOne and their junk mail. I have signed up for the OptOut option provided by various credit agencies. Yet I get this junk from these fuckers at CapitalOne.

So I decided I will make an entry each time I get junk mail from CapitalOne starting today. I will ignore the past. Lets see how much mail do I get from them. Each date listed below starting today is a day when I get junk mail from CapitalOne.

  1. 2006/04/16
  2. 2006/04/28
  3. 2006/05/08 Looks like they send junk mail one every week
  4. 2006/05/09 Two in as many days
  5. 2006/06/08


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take the anonymous papers, stuff them in the postage paid return envelope and send it back to them. Costs them a lttle postage and wastes their time.
Presumably this gets received by some third-party procossor, but it should eventually cost Capital One sigificant money if enough people do this Besides, it feels good to retaliate.

1:07 PM  

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