Sunday, October 01, 2006

United Airlines - Sneaky

I recently took a couple of flights on United Airlines. That the service was pathetic at best was understandable. I have flown United Airlines for years and have never felt that their service was worth talking about. Why do I fly them? Well I live in this bastion of capitalism and free market called the USA. Monopolistic corporations flourish here and so does support of military dictators. But remember, this is done to protect democracy and free markets. Go Figure!

The recent trips made on United were the result of a surprise vacation my wife had planned and as a result my frequent flyer information was not provided to the airline. Not a problem I said. When I get back I will log onto to my Mileage Plus account online and request the miles.

United Airlines, much to my surprise, has a feature whereby you can request miles as retro-credit, i.e., miles for flights you have already taken. So I clicked on the link for the online form.

Aha!!!!!!!! Not to my surprise the link is broken.

Great job United. Your efforts at Customer Service or lack thereof is exceptional. I am curious at what level of United's executives was this decision made to intentionally keep this feature non functional? I will keep reporting for how long this page does not work.


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