Monday, September 11, 2006

The Bastards at Dish Network - Once Again

So I get yet another call from Echostar/Dish Network. I told them to please stop calling and that I am on the "Do not call list." I requested to speak to the supervisor who said this must be a technical glitch.

So here is my take, if these idiots do not know how to dial a telephone number why would I trust them with satellite service?

Anyway, a little research helped me find the names of these bozos who don't believe in following the law or are mentally challenged, i.e., do not know how to make a phone call.

Charles Ergen, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Steven Schaver, President of EchoStar International Corporation
Carl Vogel, Vice Chairman of the Board
David Moskowitz, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary, Director
David Rayner, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President
James DeFranco, Executive Vice President, Director
Mark Jackson, President, EchoStar Technologies Corporation
O. Nolan Daines, Executive Vice President of Business Development

Anyone wish to post their phone numbers? :-)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Bastards at Echostar AKA the Dish Network.

So once again I get a marketing call from Global Dish Netwrok trying to sell me the Dish Network service for Satellite TV. This is depsite the fact that I am on the do not call list ever since the list was created. This is also not the first time. I have talked about a previous call from them.

It appears that Echostar the owner of the Dish Network believes they can disregard all laws. I wish Bin Laden would shove a pole up Echostar's CEO's ass. If I were to ever support terrorism it would be to drag the mother fuckers from Echostar into the gas chamber on live TV. oops! on live satellite TV worldwide.

The number from which I got this call is 987.654.3210. I intend to persue this issue. More later based on where I get. I will also start listing as much information I can on senior Echostar executives if I can get my hands on it.
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