Saturday, June 10, 2006

Money Magazine back to doing no good

In August 2005 I posted on my blog : as to how I felt magazine publishers were out to cheat and deceive their customers. I even wrote to wired and Money magazine but not to my surprise I got no response.

This February I renewed my subscription to Money magazine for a whole year. Last month I get a renewal notice offering me a great deal if I renew early. 3 months into my subsription they want me to renew? What are these idiots thinking of? Then I figured, lets analyze this deal.

Last year they did the same. They offered me great deals if I subscribed early, which I did not. The last minute offer they made me was actually the best. The current offer made to me by Money magazine for early subscription for 1 year will cost me $14.95 per year. Thats already more than what I am paying and expect to pay. And why sould I pay in advance?

Is Money magazine suggesting to its readers that the best financial move is to put money down with no returns? Can someone please explain this?

I am going to send Money magazine another email on this subject. I will post any response I get from them here.


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