Monday, April 17, 2006

Comcast back to cheat customers

Today I get a flyer (junk mail) from Comcast advertising a new and upgraded cable modem service. If I pay $10 more each month I can enjoy a 16 MBits per second. Wow! cool! great!, but hey!!!!!!!!!! they go on to say the $10 also gets me home networking for upto 5 computers. Now just what does this imply? I thought I can have as many computers inside my house networked in any manner as I wish them to be. How the hell does my home network concern Comcast?

Is Comcast implying that they determine or will charge customers according to the number of computers they have? Is this legal? Maybe its time for comptetion to enter the cable business.

Then I take a lok at the fine print and not to my surprise I see more information supporting teh fact that Comcast is trying to cheat its customers. The fine print states that the speeds are not guaranteed.... so lets get this straight... they want $10 more for what?????


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