Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wired and Money, is this honest?

I have a subscription to both Wired and money magazine. I believe they are from different publishing houses. Both subscriptions started around December 2004. In late June I started receiving mail from both magazines making these fantastic offers to me, using terms such as "professional subscription" etc. They were supposedly offering great rates which I could get if I applied in the next 15 days.

But wait, its only June, I have another 6 months to go with my current subscription. Why should I pay now? Oh! look, if you pick up one of the magazines and shake em, little subscription cards fall out. The one you can give to others etc. Hey!!!!! the rate offered there is the same as the "special" letter sent to me. So it turns out that the media is very much part of the lies and cheating that we see everyday, everywhere. So much so that they will go to every extent to lie and deceive their very own customers.

Great job Wired and Money. Great!!!!!!!! Right there with MCI Worldcom and Enron.


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