Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Next Step

I am certain I am not the only one who finds certain interactions extremely irritating. These interactions could be with coworkers, family, or with institutions such as corporations (phone, cable coompanies, etc), government agencies, doctors, lawyers, and the list goes on. You may say that doctors and lawyers are individuals not institutions. Technically you may be correct. However, have you seen the way they behave? (even though no one is reading this, I am certain there is a lawyer somewhere preparing to sue me for what I am writing and about to write). Its all about attitude and hence I have started classifying doctors and lawyers as institutions. Plus, do you really think they are human?...LOL

The other day a friend goes to see his doctor. The appointment is at 3, he gets there at 2:45. At 5 pm a nurse comes to see him. When questioned about the doctor the nurse very casually says, "oh! the doctor has left for the day". To bad my friend is not a lawyer. Am sure thats why when you go to see a doctor the first question in the form they give you to fill out is what is your profession and not what is your illness. The next question is about insurance, then comes a section where you say the doctor owns your soul if your insurance company does not pay.

Oh! well. Sometimes I wonder if I should just write this and not post or should I actually post these rants. Honestly I see no value in this post outside of the fact that I enjoyed writing it.

Coming soon, more about doctors and insurance companies. Wonder if I can get sued if I actually name the doctor and insurance company. Any lawyers to answer that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to "wonder if I can get sued ..." I am not a lawyer but the answer is yes, depending on what you say and how you say it. I recommend you look up "slander" and "libel" before you post actual names, these are laws that cover such issues, and I'm sure blogs are not excluded. Good luck and keep blogging!

10:09 AM  

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