Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Comcast Comcast Comcast

So the other day I notice that my cable modem is down as a result of which (of course) I could not connect to the web. So I call the customer service number for my ISP (Comcast). After making several choices on their menus I get put on hold before I can speak to the next available customer service agent. After about 30 minutes of being on hold a message comes saying that the wait is very long and that they are unable to service my call. The message goes on to say that I should go to their web site for help.

Just what are these morons thinking of? Press 2 if you cannot connect. Followed by a "we are unable to respond at this moment. Please check our web site at www.comcast.net".

How rdiculous can Comcast possibly get? I know that is a stupid question. I am certain they can exhibit a lot more stupidity than what I experienced. Too bad no DSL where I live. YET!!!! I love competition :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your comment is completely valid. The problem is when they are down they get thousands of calls just like yours. If you wait a half hour it will usually come back. I have Comcast and overall the service has been good, though I have my own complaints (which I won't vent on YOUR blog. :-)

10:15 AM  
Blogger Kris said...

Hello, fellow SparkPerson!
I recently stopped using a landline phone (now I just use my cell phone) so I wasn't sure which route to go for internet. Cable was too expensive since I don't watch TV. I ended up using a company called SpeakEasy which runs DSL through local lines. You don't have to pay for additional phone service, like with SBC. For about $50/month, I get a dedicated loop (not dialup). You might want to see if it will work in your area. www.speakeasy.net I get referrals, too, if you decide to go for it (user: kmusall).

11:00 AM  
Blogger Gussa Waala said...


Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately there is no DSL where I live. Apparently my house is too far from teh closest switch or something like that.

10:51 AM  

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